The Company. Our core Values. Our Beliefs.

RJM Insulation Limited had been in the industry since the year 2010. More than 15,000 houses in the UK has been completely insulated by professionals of RJM. We mainly cover the areas of west and south west England including surrey.

The success of RJM Insulation Limited can be traced back to 2010, when the ambitions, aspirations and the drive of Mr. Madawala to find a company that was not only profitable, but would also contribute positively toward the welfare of the environment. Subsequent to its inauguration, RJM has blazed its way to become one of UK’s top-most companies offering energy saving resolutions, with its assurance to quality and perseverance to technologically advanced energy-saving products.

Our company’s fundamental principles revolve around continuous improvement, sustainability and excellence in the services provided. RJM has paved its way as a recognized name in the field of energy saving solutions by upgrading quality standards to levels that have left the competition far behind.

In addition to technological proficiency and adherence to high standard consumer satisfaction, RJM attributes its immense accomplishment to its highly-skilled work force. Our assessors, installers and solutions implementation teams are hand-picked from energy-related industries, and when we say that they are some of the most skilled at what they do, we are being factual and not boastful.